Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why have you decided to give a name to this community now?

Sufouh Gardens has matured over time and we have realized that now is the right time to give the community a unique name it deserves.

Our overall vision is to create attractive communities for all of our stakeholders, where investors and occupiers can better identify with their community a name unique to them and their environment.

Q. What do you hope to achieve through the branding of this community?
A. Our mission is to enhance the environment and lifestyle within TECOM Group communities as we aim to support Dubai’s growth and economic diversification. The new brand will better resonate with all our stakeholders. With the value added services we are also providing, investors will be more confident in the value of their assets. Our aim is for Sufouh Gardens to become interwoven into the fabric of Dubai as a household name, standing out as highly attractive and vibrant community.
Q. How did you decide upon the Sufouh Gardens name, and what was the rationale behind that? What about the new logos?

Sufouh Gardens, a cozy residential community, has been given a name that reflects its planned green landscaping and welcoming surroundings.

Q. What are you doing to promote the new names?
A. We are running comprehensive campaigns to not only notify the wider population but also key government and semi-government entities such as RTA, Dubai Municipality etc so that the whole city is aware of the new names. Our efforts cover multiple channels, including traditional and new media.
Q. What actual enhancements to the community should we expect following the rebrand?

We are happy to confirm that TECOM Community Management will be introducing the following enhancements to Sufouh Gardens in the near future:

  • Landscaping development across the community for better connectivity and pedestrian safety
  • Dedicated Security Patrols around the clock
Q. When should I start referring to my community as Sufouh Gardens?
A. The new name Sufouh Gardens is effective immediately. We encourage you to use the name when talking about where you live or work.
Q. Should I update my company letter head, website, etc?
A. Yes, you should refer to your location as Sufouh Gardens in all your official company correspondence. If you use Google Maps for your location, you will find Sufouh Gardens already registered as the new community name.
Q. How will companies that offered delivery services find me, e.g. like restaurants, couriers, etc?
A. We have communicated the change in community name to all the leading service portals in Dubai to ensure they are also using the new name of Sufouh Gardens.